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Consular Services

In order for our office to provide you our best services please ensure you bring all necessary requirements for your appointment. 

Please note the Consulate office only accepts cash payment in AUD.


Affidavit of Support and Consent, Parental Travel Permits, Complaint-Affidavit, Applications for Marriage License and Oaths of Professionals, Special Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney, Deeds of Sale, Deeds of Donation, Contracts, SSS/GSIS forms, Extrajudicial Settlement, etc.


Please be advised that the Brisbane Philippine Consulate office does not facilitate Passport renewals and/or Dual Citizenship and Oath taking services. 

Please follow the links below to apply for renewals with the Philippine Embassy in Canberra. 

  • To apply to the Philippine Embassy in Canberra for Passport renewals click here.

  • To apply to the Philippine Embassy in Canberra for Dual Citizenship click here.


(+61) 480 489 679

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