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Travel Documents and ePassport Extensions

Please download the relevant Application form and ensure you bring all requirements as stated on the application.

  • TWO (2) Forms of VALID GOVERNMENT ID's at least ONE (1) Primary and ONE (1) Secondary ID or FOUR (4) Secondary ID's such as:

        PRIMARY ID's:
           - birth certificate

           - passport (Dual citizens are advised to bring Philippine passport

        SECONDARY ID's: 
           - driver's license
           -  other Philippine government issued ID
           -  citizenship certificate/card
           - Senior's card 
           - Medicare card
NOTE: The government ID should be valid and should support the claim of citizenship on the document.

Please also ensure you bring the correct cash payment for your required service. The Consulate only accepts cash payment in AUD (please note that we do not accept Money Order). 

Please note that the turnover time for issuance of Travel Document and ePassport extension is approximately one (1) week from receiving all required documents. 

The Consulate assumes no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage in the mail or while the documents are in custody of courier service. The applicant should take note of the tracking numbers of all envelopes used and submitted.

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